Shipping: Safety and timeliness on the waves

Entrust your cargo to reliable ocean carriers that guarantee safe and accurate delivery across the world's vast waters. Our specialists ensure efficient cargo management, ensuring reliability and timeliness throughout the entire route.

How cargo delivery occurs


You fill out and submit the form for consultation


Within 2-4 hours we will inform you of the exact cost and delivery time


We will make a contract for the transportation and insurance of cargo


Send the transport to the departure point


We will take care of all customs clearance and cargo transportation


You received your cargo on time, safe and sound


Maximum optimization of customs payments

Our declarants are well aware of customs legislation, as well as the specifics of import and export.

Secure currency conversion

We will help with payment for the goods to the supplier, and we will also prepare closing documents.

Express delivery from 1 kilogram

Due to our fleet of vehicles and direct contracts with air carriers, we will deliver your goods quickly and inexpensively.

Searching for a reliable supplier

We carry out a complex of searching for suppliers, as well as checking the goods before sending them to you.

Delivery of any goods

We work with the most complex product groups.

Consolidation warehouses around the world

Our company has contracts with large storage warehouses where you can consolidate your cargo.


Delivery of goods on time

Our assurance of on-time delivery is based on the competent work of our professionals and extensive experience. To establish the relationship between the forwarder and the client, we have developed a set of documents that define the responsibilities and obligations of the parties.

Storing your cargo

We have a modern warehouse designed for individual placement of your cargo. The warehouse is equipped with video surveillance and fire alarm systems, and maintains comfortable temperature conditions ranging from 14 to 22 degrees, depending on the time of year. For careful loading and Modern equipment has been installed at the warehouse for unloading.

Full insurance

Insurance coverage extends from the moment the cargo is accepted at the point of departure and covers the entire period of transportation, including transhipment, intermediate storage within 60 days, and continues until the cargo is delivered to the final destination.

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A time-honored method of global delivery

When it is necessary to send goods or cargo to a country located on another continent, sea transport is considered one of the most reliable and efficient options. In such situations, the use of trucks or railways is not practical, since water stretches between the supplier and the counterparty the world's oceans.

LVR - sea shipping experts

How does sea transport differ from other types of transport? Sea transport is in most cases cheaper, which allows you to save money. In addition, transport by sea opens up the opportunity to transport large goods to other countries, for example, to the USA or to European countries , where there is a port.

What we deliver


We deliver prefabricated and non-assembled furniture made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials. Transportedm upholstered furniture, sets and sets, built-in and cabinet - without scratches, dents or chips


Relevant for car manufacturers and car dealers. We deliver by vehicles, containers, tow trucks, and other vehicles


Professional and reliable transportation of compact, assembled cargo at competitive rates with packaging and cargo control. A large customer base ensures daily dispatch of cargo.


Fast and safe transportation of collected goods of textile products at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. A large circle of customers ensures regular daily dispatch of goods.


Reliable and high-quality transportation of compact collected goods of art historical value at competitive rates with careful packaging and careful support.


Transportation of compact assembled goods of fittings at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. An expanded circle of clients ensures daily dispatch of goods.


High-quality transportation of compact assembled cargo of electronic products at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. An expanded customer base ensures daily shipments of cargo.


Careful transportation of living beings at competitive rates with careful packaging and condition control. An expanded customer base ensures daily shipments.

International sea transport

International shipping by ship remains the dominant method of delivering goods to other countries with access to the sea in the 21st century. According to experts, international maritime transport accounts for up to 75 percent of the total volume of cargo transportation every year. Foreign trade relations cannot exist without the ability to transport cargo of various types. In Moscow and other cities of Russia (RF), in Europe and the USA, business depends on well-developed logistics schemes, established supply routes, sales of finished products and purchase of raw materials. International maritime transport of goods is different, but the lion's share a share of them is occupied by raw materials export and import (mainly oil and oil products, but not only). Manufacturing machines, large-scale equipment for agricultural work, and industrial goods are also delivered by sea. Transport and logistics companies with sufficient capacity offer two forms of international maritime transport - linear and tramp.The second is designed for a one-time, one-time voyage. Usually a small batch is delivered this way. The linear form means constant, regular voyages carried out along specific routes with assigned, fixed vessels for this purpose. The form of transportation will affect the cost somewhat. Also, when determining the price, it will be important to consider whether we are talking about a charter or a bill of lading. And this depends on what is chosen as the basis - national legislation or international legislation. Or maybe a time charter or bareboat charter will be chosen? As you can see, international shipping by ship is a multi-tiered, complex system. It should be built on the basis of deep knowledge and some flair, business intuition. In order not to get burned, but, on the contrary, to receive temporary and monetary benefits, seek the services of a specialized transport and logistics company that is familiar with the specifics first-hand, and which puts its skills into practice many times.

Advantages of transportation by sea

The use of sea transport for the transport of goods has existed for more than a thousand years. During this time, technology has significantly improved and diversified. Currently, different types of ships are used for sea transport, such as ro-ro ships, bulk carriers, ferries, tankers, container ships and bulk carriers .The choice of a specific type of vessel depends on many factors, such as the nature of the cargo, its size and characteristics, as well as the needs of the customer. For example, tankers and bulk carriers are suitable for transporting bulk cargo, and ro-ro ships or ferries can be used for bulky cargo. Bulk carriers are usually used for transportation of food and non-standard cargo.

Features of sea cargo transportation

LVR has in-depth knowledge of the cost-effectiveness of sea freight transport. Indeed, the final cost of such transport, given the long distances that the cargo must travel, remains very low. When ordering sea freight transport, there are other significant advantages that should be taken into account. Firstly, no special intermediate infrastructure is required,in addition to the port, as is often the case in the case of road or rail transport. In addition, transportation of large cargo is very economically profitable. A guarantee of complete safety of the cargo is provided, which emphasizes the high reliability and safety of such delivery. In the case of container shipping, the cargo remains intact. In addition, it is important to emphasize the versatility of this method: there are no restrictions on the volume, weight, dimensions or nature of the cargo. Delivery by sea takes into account the characteristics and features of each type of cargo. The industry hears the demands of the business community and offers a variety of types of containers for different types of cargo.