Customs clearance in Europe: Guide to the World of Ease and Security

Our customs gurus are not just specialists, they are masters in the art of turning complex paper labyrinths into a path without obstacles.

Where and from where we deliver



High-tech products, passenger cars, and seafood are supplied to Russia from Europe. Energy resources, timber, and agricultural products are transported from Russia to Europe.



A popular direction for Russian business, affecting a number of areas: from agriculture to the high-tech industry, products in which are produced under a European license. Everyday practice shows that the strengthening and development of the structure entails the process of introducing and modernizing new proposals.


Other directions

Imports include machine tools, technological equipment, machinery, pharmaceuticals.

How cargo delivery occurs


You fill out and submit the form for consultation


Within 2-4 hours we will inform you of the exact cost and delivery time


We will make a contract for the transportation and insurance of cargo


Send the transport to the departure point


We will take care of all customs clearance and cargo transportation


You received your cargo on time, safe and sound


Maximum optimization of customs payments

Our declarants are well aware of customs legislation, as well as the specifics of import and export.

Secure currency conversion

We will help with payment for the goods to the supplier, and we will also prepare closing documents.

Express delivery from 1 kilogram

Due to our fleet of vehicles and direct contracts with air carriers, we will deliver your goods quickly and inexpensively.

Searching for a reliable supplier

We carry out a complex of searching for suppliers, as well as checking the goods before sending them to you.

Delivery of any goods

We work with the most complex product groups.

Consolidation warehouses around the world

Our company has contracts with large storage warehouses where you can consolidate your cargo.

Take Your Business to a New Level with Us!


Why is LVR Logistic your ideal partner?

Each country has unique features associated with customs procedures. Typically, company lawyers do not have sufficient knowledge of the judicial and law enforcement practices of other countries, since this is not their main area of ​​competence. As a result, their actions are rarely effective. This is not only interferes with the optimization of customs payments, but also leads to additional labor costs and expenses, since the involvement of highly qualified specialists, including customs lawyers and analysts, is often required.

Expertise in customs procedures

Streamlining customs procedures is where LVR Logistic comes out ahead. Our company specializes in overcoming the borders and barriers associated with various customs systems. We do not just provide customs clearance services; we provide a complete understanding of the judicial and legal practices in each country , where your business operates. By cooperating with us, you get not only optimization of customs duties, but also reduced labor costs and effective management of your international transportation.

What we deliver


We deliver prefabricated and non-assembled furniture made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials. Transportedm upholstered furniture, sets and sets, built-in and cabinet - without scratches, dents or chips


Relevant for car manufacturers and car dealers. We deliver by vehicles, containers, tow trucks, and other vehicles


Professional and reliable transportation of compact, assembled cargo at competitive rates with packaging and cargo control. A large customer base ensures daily dispatch of cargo.


Fast and safe transportation of collected goods of textile products at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. A large circle of customers ensures regular daily dispatch of goods.


Reliable and high-quality transportation of compact collected goods of art historical value at competitive rates with careful packaging and careful support.


Transportation of compact assembled goods of fittings at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. An expanded circle of clients ensures daily dispatch of goods.


High-quality transportation of compact assembled cargo of electronic products at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. An expanded customer base ensures daily shipments of cargo.


Careful transportation of living beings at competitive rates with careful packaging and condition control. An expanded customer base ensures daily shipments.

Customs clearance in Europe

The LVR Logistic OÜ company offers a full range of services for customs clearance of cargo and goods, we have the ability to prepare all the necessary customs documents and export declarations for sending cargo and goods outside the European Union, as well as for processing customs procedures (import declarations) for goods arriving in Europe from other countries that are not part of the EU.

We also prepare import declarations or declarations for export of goods, an important document is the transit declaration (T1), with which it becomes possible to move freely cargo across the territories of the EU countries. For regular customers of transit declarations, we offer a low registration price.

The customs broker of our company provides a full range of customs clearance services;

Registration of transport documents (CMR, T.I.R, SMGS);

Re-registration through the “free economic zone” ;

Direct cargo clearance;

Registration of export customs declaration, transit declaration;

Preparation of a set of documents for registration at customs.

At your service:

T1 - transit declaration

EX - export declaration

We represent the interests of the customer at border crossings in Estonia, and also provide timely legal support.

CT 1 - certificate of origin (Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

TIR, CMR - shipping documents

We design:

TIR, CMR, insurance policies, letters, orders - any shipping documents. Correct execution of export and transit procedures. 'Change of owner' in the free zone of the Tallinn port, purchase and sale of goods.

Organization of sanitary and veterinaryinspection, preparation of relevant documents.

Correct customs clearance of cargo is the key to transparent passage of state borders.