Warehousing services in Estonia: We organize delivery and customs clearance.

By providing a comprehensive approach to logistics, we offer reliable warehousing services in Estonia. Our clients receive a full range of services - from safe storage of goods to their timely delivery and professional customs clearance. We ensure that your goods are handled with the utmost care and efficiency, minimizing waiting times and giving you peace of mind at every stage of the logistics process.

Effective Storage in Operator Warehouses

Small and medium-sized commercial enterprises, deprived of the opportunity to create their own logistics infrastructure, are faced with the challenge of ensuring reliable and efficient storage of their goods. Warehousing provided by experienced operators becomes the ideal solution. Our equipped and equipped areas, professional mechanisms for loading and unloading operations and qualified personnel ensure maximum protection and care of your cargo.

Secrets of Profitable and Safe Cargo Storage

In the world of transportation, especially in international cargo transportation, every detail plays an important role. We recognize that between departure (point A) and receipt (point B) there is a key stage - the intermediate storage stage. Here the goods undergo customs procedures, certification, insurance, and paperwork. Our warehouses provide a safe and cost-effective solution for goods where they can be stored awaiting the next stage of transportation.

Cargo handling services

Country distribution

Availability of declarants, customs brokers

Sorting, cargo picking


Making new product packaging

Accounting reports

Additional options

Security alarm

Video surveillance

Regular inventory

Fire extinguishing system


Air conditioner




Pallet exchange


Maximum optimization of customs payments

Our declarants are well aware of customs legislation, as well as the specifics of import and export.

We save you from paperwork

Our specialists are well aware of customs legislation, as well as the specifics of the import and export of personal property in Germany and Russia

We reduce the time and cost of moving

Thanks to our personal fleet of vehicles, we select for you the most convenient delivery method in accordance with your budget and needs

Private and legal entities

Our company works with chats and legal entities

Responsibility for your property

We work under a contract, personal belongings are accepted and transferred according to your description

Consolidation warehouses around the world

Our company has contracts with large storage warehouses where you can consolidate your cargo.

Strict adherence to packaging technologies

We are fully financially responsible for the property certified by us during the move!

Insurance of your property

If necessary, the insurance company will compensate for repairs, and if the cargo cannot be repaired, it will reimburse the cost of the property.

Your cargo is under surveillance

Our warehouses are equipped with a video surveillance system, fire alarms and security.

Take Your Business to a New Level with Us!


Individual solutions: Storage of goods in warehouses

Storing goods during cargo transportation represents diversity, providing two main options: secure storage warehouses and temporary storage warehouses (TSW).

What is the difference and which option to choose based on your warehousing needs? Let's try to figure it out. nA common misconception is that in the case of safekeeping the operator bears greater responsibility than in temporary storage. However, in reality, the responsibility lies with the operator in both cases, and the differences lie in the purpose and form of warehouses.

For companies with stable turnover and demand in the permanent storage of products, responsible storage becomes the best choice. A contract is concluded for a long-term period, a site is reserved for the client, who pays monthly for warehouse services. Goods of a certain category are subject to placement, and the operator bears financial responsibility.

For companies that need storage one-time or occasionally, Temporary storage is an ideal option. Such warehouses are intended for short-term storage of goods, for example, when it is necessary to distribute goods between retail outlets or collect batches for shipment in one direction. In this case, there is no space reservation, payment is made for the actual space used, and additional operations are performed at the request of the client.

Regardless of the choice, the warehouse owner is a legal entity registered and licensed for this type of activity. Temporary storage warehouses are actively used when checking imported goods before their sale in the country, ensuring safe and efficient storage until the necessary procedures are completed.

In order to quickly and without problems place cargo in a warehouse, it is necessary to provide all the necessary documents, including information about the cargo, sender, recipient , volume of products, delivery address and others. After registration at the warehouse, the goods become the responsibility of the owner, ensuring maximum safety and reliability throughout the entire storage period.

The benefits of warehousing

Efficiency and Flexibility: There are two types of warehouses - secure storage and temporary storage warehouses (TSW), giving companies the flexibility of choice depending on their needs. This allows you to effectively manage inventory and reduce costs. nResource Savings: Small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have their own logistics infrastructure can save resources by transferring responsibility for storage to qualified operators.This includes professional equipment, trained personnel and optimal conditions for the safety of goods.

Individualized Approach: Companies can choose between long-term custody and temporary storage depending on their needs, allowing them to adapt to changes in trade turnover and economic activity.

Maximum Security: Warehouses are equipped with modern security systems, providing reliable cargo protectionfrom loss, damage or theft.

Safety and Reliable Delivery Guarantee: Warehouse storage of goods is a guarantee that the goods will retain their condition and be reliably delivered to their destination. Operators take responsibility for the safety of goods throughout the entire process.

Additional services for warehousing:

- Reception and unloading of cargo using manual, mechanical methods, as well as using automated systems;

- The entire logistics cycle for any cargo - from small to large;

- Warehousing for any period using floor , shelving, as well as small storage cells;

- Measuring and weighing of cargo;

- Product processing: installation on pallets, packaging;

- Marking with stickers;

- Classification of goods according to nomenclature, completing sets;

- Commodity accounting;

- Formation of orders and consignments;

- Registration of returns, management of balances;

- End-to-end warehousing (cross-docking);

- Preparation of documents in accordance with customer requirements;

- Document management taking into account movement of goods;

- Reporting;

- Regular inventory.