Partage loads: Precision of Rhythm, Harmony of Reliability

In the world of LTL cargo, every delivery is a melody of selfless efficiency, where our innovations become the key notes of your logistics success.

How cargo delivery occurs


You fill out and submit the form for consultation


Within 2-4 hours we will inform you of the exact cost and delivery time


We will make a contract for the transportation and insurance of cargo


Send the transport to the departure point


We will take care of all customs clearance and cargo transportation


You received your cargo on time, safe and sound

Ease of organizing groupage cargo

Organizing groupage cargo is our art. We create an easy and efficient route for your cargo, emphasizing the flexibility and reliability of each stage. Our method is the key to selfless success in logistics, which adapts to your needs, whether it is a short route within the city or complex international transportation.

Partage cargo in tune with your needs

Our groupage cargo is not just delivery, it is harmony in transportation. We match the pace to your needs, ensuring precision and ease at every stage. Regardless of the scale of transportation, we strive for excellence in creating routes where harmony flexibility and selfless reliability plays in tune with your success.


Maximum optimization of customs payments

Our declarants are well aware of customs legislation, as well as the specifics of import and export.

We save you from paperwork

Our specialists are well aware of customs legislation, as well as the specifics of the import and export of personal property in Germany and Russia

We reduce the time and cost of moving

Thanks to our personal fleet of vehicles, we select for you the most convenient delivery method in accordance with your budget and needs

Private and legal entities

Our company works with chats and legal entities

Responsibility for your property

We work under a contract, personal belongings are accepted and transferred according to your description

Consolidation warehouses around the world

Our company has contracts with large storage warehouses where you can consolidate your cargo.

Strict adherence to packaging technologies

We are fully financially responsible for the property certified by us during the move!

Insurance of your property

If necessary, the insurance company will compensate for repairs, and if the cargo cannot be repaired, it will reimburse the cost of the property.

Your cargo is under surveillance

Our warehouses are equipped with a video surveillance system, fire alarms and security.


Delivery of goods on time

Our assurance of on-time delivery is based on the competent work of our professionals and extensive experience. To establish the relationship between the forwarder and the client, we have developed a set of documents that define the responsibilities and obligations of the parties.

Storing your cargo

We have a modern warehouse designed for individual placement of your cargo. The warehouse is equipped with video surveillance and fire alarm systems, and maintains comfortable temperature conditions ranging from 14 to 22 degrees, depending on the time of year. For careful loading and Modern equipment has been installed at the warehouse for unloading.

Full insurance

Insurance coverage extends from the moment the cargo is accepted at the point of departure and covers the entire period of transportation, including transhipment, intermediate storage within 60 days, and continues until the cargo is delivered to the final destination.

Take Your Business to a New Level with Us!


What we deliver


We deliver prefabricated and non-assembled furniture made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials. Transportedm upholstered furniture, sets and sets, built-in and cabinet - without scratches, dents or chips


Relevant for car manufacturers and car dealers. We deliver by vehicles, containers, tow trucks, and other vehicles


Professional and reliable transportation of compact, assembled cargo at competitive rates with packaging and cargo control. A large customer base ensures daily dispatch of cargo.


Fast and safe transportation of collected goods of textile products at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. A large circle of customers ensures regular daily dispatch of goods.


Reliable and high-quality transportation of compact collected goods of art historical value at competitive rates with careful packaging and careful support.


Transportation of compact assembled goods of fittings at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. An expanded circle of clients ensures daily dispatch of goods.


High-quality transportation of compact assembled cargo of electronic products at competitive rates with careful packaging and cargo control. An expanded customer base ensures daily shipments of cargo.


Careful transportation of living beings at competitive rates with careful packaging and condition control. An expanded customer base ensures daily shipments.

Global delivery of groupage cargo: Continuity and Efficiency

The transport and logistics company LVR, with years of diversified activities within Russia, Europe and the USA, has achieved outstanding results. Usually, when sending groupage cargo abroad, you have to sacrifice time for the sake of saving. Waiting for the groupage cargo to be completed can be a long process .

When collaborating with our company, such inconveniences are excluded. Through years of practice, we have accumulated vast experience and built a base of regular customers, ensuring uninterrupted deliveries. We provide not just international cargo transportation of consolidated cargo, but comprehensive management of the entire supply chain.

In addition, We offer additional services in customs clearance, forwarding, cargo transportation, responsible warehousing and cargo consolidation. This approach allows us to provide a wide range of services at competitive rates, fully meeting the needs of your business.

Cargo delivery is available for small quantities. We transport cargo by air , sea or road transport, but provided that the cargo fits into nine Euro pallets. Otherwise, we will provide separate transport - FTL (Full Truck Load) service. Art, weapons, living creatures, precious metals, liquids and bulk cargo, and toxic substances are excluded from groupage cargo.

Items transported as groupage cargo may require special temperature conditions or be hazardous. In such cases, the cost calculation will be slightly different, but always remains budgetary compared to alternative transportation methods.

LVR will pick up your cargo at any point, send it to a consolidation warehouse, where it will find suitable 'fellow travelers' for it. After this, he will carry out competent loading into a suitable vehicle, complete the order, perform labeling and packaging if necessary.

The cargo will move along a predetermined route, strictly adhering to delivery deadlines and ensuring complete safety. We will deliver to your destination, be it a European capital, Moscow, a remote village or even a remote village.

Advantages of groupage cargo

Flexibility and Efficiency: LVR provides unique flexibility in managing the entire supply chain, ensuring the highest level of efficiency at every stage of transportation.

Experience and Trust: With many years of experience and stable relationships with customers, LVR guarantees reliability and flawlessness in every delivery.

Comprehensive Services: The company is not limited only to international cargo transportation; it provides a full range of services, including customs clearance, forwarding, cargo transportation, warehousing and freight consolidation.

Budget Solutions: LVR strives to offer customers competitive rates while providing maximum coverage of business needs without increasing the price.

Multimodality: Providing transportation options by air, sea and road transport, the company guarantees flexibility in choosing the optimal delivery method.

Nuances of groupage cargo

Special Requirements for Cargo: Art objects, weapons, living creatures, precious metals, liquids and bulk cargo, as well as toxic substances are excluded from groupage cargo.

Variations in Cost: Cargoes that require special temperature conditions or aredangerous may involve changes in cost calculations, but it always remains a cost-effective option compared to alternative transportation methods.

Completeness and Efficiency: LVR undertakes the full cycle of cargo processing - from its collection to delivery, guaranteeing compliance with deadlines and complete safety of the goods in transit.