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Road freight

Road freight

Road freight is the most common mode of delivery within a region, country, or continent. It allows to carry a package or a whole cargo quickly and at minimal cost to any place far from airports, river stations, and railway stations. It is rational to choose road transport if it is difficult to send cargo by rail or by sea, and it is too expensive by plane. That is why most private shippers and companies choose this option for short distances.

LVR Technology and Logistic OU will compose the optimal route for you and provide all types of road freight from Europe to the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Types of cargo transported by road

For road transportation, we form direct and combined routes taking into account the specificities of your cargo and select the suitable type of vehicle. Our company guarantees risk-free and efficient delivery. Our clients can receive information about the current location of their goods at any time. We use air, rail, or water transport on certain sections of the route, if necessary.

Advantages of road freight:

  • Especially when transporting short distances. The average cost is 1.5-2 times lower compared to rail transport and 3-4 times lower than air transportation;
  • An extensive network of roads allows delivering goods even to the smallest settlements. This type of transportation excludes intermediate transshipment;
  • Delivery speed. There is no dependence on the schedule of airplanes and trains, which allows transportation without delays;
  • Trucking is suitable for sending any cargo (including furniture, equipment, and large-sized cargo) at any distance;
  • Possibility of a door-to-door delivery;
  • Additional services. Using satellite tracking systems, you can inform the client about the location of the cargo at any time and calculate the time of arrival at the destination as accurately as possible.

The use of road freight at short distances is a profitable solution. But this type of delivery has its drawbacks:

  • This method is quite expensive for long-distance transport;
  • Possible border crossing delays;
  • There is a risk of vehicle breakdown and delays on the road;
  • Risk of theft, since the controls available, do not provide a 100% theft protection guarantee.

Possible options of trucking arrangement:

  • From warehouse to warehouse. The most low-cost option, where the addressee can pick up the parcel from the nearest warehouse;
  • From warehouse to door. You bring to the warehouse, we deliver to the recipient’s address;
  • From door to door. We will pick up the cargo from any address and bring it wherever you say;
  • From multiple consignors to one recipient (and vice versa).

There are two types of cargo transportation:

  1. Full Loads (with a full truckload). Suitable for large companies with bulky cargo;
  2. Groupage Cargo. Consolidation of goods from different senders in one warehouse, transshipment, and dispatching to the destination. So that each customer pays only part of the volume. Such shipments are suitable for small consignments that do not require urgent delivery.

Features of logistics

When transporting by road, we draw up an individual route and select the type of vehicle that corresponds to the cargo’s dimensions and characteristics. Our partners have all types of transport: trucks of different carrying capacity, trailers, semi-trailer trucks, articulated lorries, low-bed extendible platforms, insulated panel vans.

We provide transport for the transportation of general, groupage, refrigerated, dangerous, and oversized cargo.

We work with groupage cargo with consolidation at warehouses in Estonia and Lithuania.

Benefits of working with LVR Technology and Logistic OÜ

Our company is located in Estonia and has been working with cargo transportation since 2019. We are solely responsible for each shipment. All cargoes are insured (compulsory CMR insurance is included in the price, voluntary at the customer’s request). We guarantee the selection of the optimal route and mode of transport to ensure delivery on time.

Additional services are available upon request:

  1. Assistance in the preparation of the necessary transit and export documents, payment of customs duties and fees;
  2. Temporary storage of cargo in our warehouses in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia (for consolidated delivery of groupage cargo);
  3. Monitoring of your shipment reloading in case of a change of vehicle.

The cost of freight road transportation

The price depends on the direction of the delivery, route, volume and type of cargo, aspects of its storage, urgency, additional services, and the client’s wishes.

For instance, delivery of goods requiring a certain temperature regime will cost more than sending regular cargo along the same route.

How to order transportation of goods by car?

Send a request to calculate the cost or contact us for individual consultation and to receive a special offer.

We will pay attention at all the wishes of the client and fulfil all orders at an affordable price. With LVR Technology and Logistic OÜ company every cargo will be delivered on time and in good conditions.