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Maritime transportation

Maritime transportation

Carriage of goods by sea is a safe and reliable method of transportation, which is excellent for delivering large consignments of goods over long distances. It is often used by large companies that transport heavy machinery, equipment, cars to other countries and between continents.

The specialists of LVR Technology and Logistic OÜ will choose a transportation route for you, draw up documents, prepare the cargo and deliver it to its destination. If the recipient has no access to the sea or ocean, we will organize multimodal transportation. Our staff will pick up the cargo at the nearest port and take it to its destination by road.

Advantages of sea transportation:

  • Low cost due to the ergonomics of sea transport;
  • Unlimited vessel carrying capacity. Which is well-suited for the transportation of heavy and bulky goods;
  • Transport accessibility. You can deliver goods anywhere in the world where there is a port (and then arrange transportation by other means of transport, such as an airplane, railroad, or truck;
  • Minimal risks of loss, theft, damage (including through the use of containers);
  • Delivery by sea transport is suitable for almost all types of goods. For liquid and bulk cargo, this option is considered the optimal;
  • The procedures for loading, unloading, customs clearance are perfectly worked out and are carried out promptly.

Main disadvantages:

  • Long transit times;
  • Direct delivery is only possible to areas where there is a port.

Benefits of cooperation with our company

LVR Technology and Logistic OÜ provides sea delivery of an unlimited volume of goods from Europe, the USA, India, China via Estonia to Russia. Having received the client’s request, the employees analyze the characteristics of the cargo, the client’s wishes and make up the optimal route. We guarantee the safety of delivery, adherence to deadlines, and a decent level of service.

LVR Technology and Logisitc OÜ carries out sea container transportation in all main directions through the ports of Estonia: Muuga sadam and Paldiski sadam.

Various types of containers are used: 20 ″, 40 ″, 40 ″ High Cube, refrigerated containers, Open Top, Flat Rack, depending on the specifics of the cargo. The company’s specialists will select the type of container suitable for your cargo.

Long-term and robust partnerships with leading container lines enable us to offer optimal rates for cargo transportation.

Logisticians make up the route so that each shipment is the most profitable for you. There are options for transportation “from port to port”, “from port to door”, “from door to door”. Experts will draw up a combined route for delivery using rail, road, and air, if necessary.

We are based in Estonia and operate on all continents. Our partners in the countries of origin of the goods communicate with contractors in their native language to promptly resolve all issues and coordinate the delivery process at every stage.

You can be completely sure that representatives of LVR Technology and Logistic in Europe and Russia will control the dispatch and receipt of your cargo.

Types of sea shipping

For the transportation of goods by sea, different types of vessels are used, but the most common is the sea tank container. ISO containers of various sizes (from 20 to 45 feet) are available for your needs. Suitable for bulk, liquid, and other cargo.

Open Top and Flat Rack are used to deliver large-size goods. We will choose a suitable mode of transport based on your wishes and cargo characteristics.

Transportation by refrigerated ship, cattle carrier, car carrier, bulk carrier is possible.

Types of cargo for sea shipping

Any long-term storage product can be transported by sea.

Goods most commonly transported by this method:

  • Oil and oil products;
  • Gas;
  • Coal;
  • Building materials;
  • Rolled metal products;
  • Technics;
  • All types of equipment;
  • Reinforced concrete structures.

Animals are also transported by sea.

There are two types of sea shipping:

  • Full load: one container for one customer. This kind of transportation is usually ordered for fragile goods, for items that need to be delivered without unloading from the container, as well as for goods that take more than 75% of the container by weight or volume;
  • Groupage shipment. Several consignments of goods are first consolidated in the warehouse and then combined in one container.

We guarantee an individual approach to the transportation and storage of your cargo in compliance with the necessary conditions.

Costs of sea freight

For the delivery of large cargoes over long distances, transportation by sea is the most cost-effective option. The exact cost of delivery depends on the characteristics of the goods and the specifics of customs clearance. The price is always calculated according to the client’s request. Fill out the form to calculate.

How to order transportation of goods by ship?

Send a request to calculate the cost or contact us for individual consultation and to receive a special offer.

We will pay attention at all the wishes of the client and fulfil all orders at an affordable price. With LVR Technology and Logistic OÜ company every cargo will be delivered on time and in good conditions.